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In The 80s – Favorite 80s Music Videos, Index

tags : eighties

A propos – Sexactu
Maia Mazaurette is back – on peut voir les keywords ?
tags : sexactu maia mazaurette

Better Life Forum – 29 Happiness Hacks to Feel Better Now

tags : lifehack

quicksilver scrips

tags : mac devonthink quicksilver

Bill Maher: New Rule: Stop Saying Iraq is Another Vietnam, it’s Another Enron – Politics on The Huffington Post
Iraq is Enron, and President Bush is Ken Lay. He’s fighting a war with phony accounting tricks. The Bush administration fudged the numbers to get us into Iraq, and cooked the books to keep us there.
tags : irak bush huffingtonpost enron

Home Page – Television Tropes & Idioms
Mother lode ! This « Wiki » is a catalogue of the tricks of the trade for writing scripts.
tags : tv writing reference tropes screenwriting series cliche

Une famille se suicide
Mazarine : ton prochain bouquin ?
tags : famille suicide collectif

Why have municipal Wi-Fi networks been such a flop? – By Tim Wu – Slate Magazine
Why municipal wireless networks have been such a flop.
tags : wifi free flop slate

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