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  1. The tribe consists of 1000 people, with various eye colours. Yet, their religion forbids them to know their own eye color, or even to discuss the topic; thus, each resident can (and does) see the eye colors of all other residents, but has no way of discovering his or her own (there are no reflective surfaces).

  2. I don’t think the issue at hand is an expectation of recompense or even direct apology. The Turkish government is claiming the Armenian genocide DID NOT happen. As I noted in a previous post, general apathy toward the genocide led Hitler to believe a Jewish genocide would be met with similar indifference (”Who remembers the armenians?”). The erasure of genocide leads to a culture of impunity which fosters more genocide in the future. Sue, I invite you to read my earlier post on this for more information on the history of the cover up, which has often involved coercion.

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