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Little Monkey Murals How Colour Effects Your Mood, your Enviromnet and your Well Being
Whether we are aware of it or not colour plays an important part in all of our lives it affects all our senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and feelings.
tags : effets couleur psychology

Computer Choppers – The absolute best in custom computers and accessories
24kt Gold & Diamonds Macbook Pro
tags : computer apple blingbling gold diamond

BPS RESEARCH DIGEST: Self-discipline matters more than IQ
An American study has found that a school pupil?s self-discipline is a stronger predictor of their future academic success than their IQ,
tags : gtd learning discipline study

AlterNet: Environment: Our Drinkable Water Supply Is Vanishing
In less than 20 years, it is estimated that demand for fresh water will exceed the world’s supply by over 50 percent.
tags : planete eau futur

«Lexik», le guide pour «capter» la cité
Vocabulaire. Des jeunes d?Evry ont compilé les expressions des quartiers dans un dictionnaire.
tags : langage français banlieue cité vocabulaire

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