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Les liens du : 27/9/2007

Les liens interessants (ou juste futiles) récoltes le 27/9/2007:

freewaregenius.com | Reviews and Downloads of the Coolest and Best Windows Freeware
tagline : « some day all software will be free »
tags : freeware download tools

Pipes hung in the sea could help planet to ‘heal itself’ – Independent Online Edition > Climate Change
Pipes hanging in the ocean might bring global warming under control, two of Britain’s most distinguished scientists suggest today.
tags : earth sea science planet

Duende (art) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The meaning of duende can be loosely translated as having soul.
tags : duende espagnol intraduisible wikipedia

L.A. Times Article 19890202 * Voice Power Studios * Changing Your Voice *
You can dress for success, master the zen of office politics and learn how to win friends. But if your voice is too low, too high or too soft, sought-after promotions or personal relationships may still elude you.
tags : voice training

Entretien d’embauche chez Google
voici quelques une des questions auxquelles vous devrez répondre ce jour-là avant de faire partie des Googlers : 1. Combien de balles de golf peuvent tenir dans un bus scolaire ?
tags : google jobs test

MacDaddy’s Jeweled & Diamond Fishing Lures
Crafted in just over 3 pounds of glimmering gold and platinum, then encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies (4,753 stones to be exact). This extraordinary Big Game Lure is over 12 inches in length
tags : peche diamant luxe snob blingbling

The Facebook commandments. – By Reihan Salam – Slate Magazine
Last week, I launched the Great Facebook Purge of 2007. In one fell swoop, I whittled down a list of 274 « friends » to a more manageable ? um, 258.
tags : facebook friends slate

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